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Eavor Technologies – June Events 2022 Recap

The month of June saw a variety of events in energy. Bringing together some of the world’s leading experts to explore the state of the industry, the challenges it faces in light of a polarizing year and fostering innovation through newer technologies.

The Eavor team shared their insight into advanced geothermal technology and the current state of renewable markets at the following events.

Geoconvention 2022 | June 20-22

With delegates and exhibitors participating in technical sessions, posters, a showcase stage and the exhibition floor, the GeoConvention in Calgary offers local and international insights into efficient energy exploration and production. It provides a platform for delegates and exhibitors to learn from and contribute to the community.

Reuters Events – Global Energy Transition 2022 | June 14-15

The Global Energy Transition 2022 brought together CEOs and changemakers from across the energy, industrial, and government ecosystems to shed light on a defining issue of our time, and help companies meet a uniquely difficult challenge. That is, to be both a company of today and the companies of tomorrow.

The event connects global CEOs, public sector leaders, and key decision-makers over a two-day event, wherein there was no shortage of strategic knowledge sharing, exclusive boardroom insights, innovative sustainability strategy, and face-to-face networking.

Eavor was featured as an exhibitor at the Reuters Events – Global Energy Transition 2022.

Global Energy Show 2022 | June 7-9

The Global Energy Show brings together professionals from all energy sectors to showcase innovation and technology that combats the dilemma of matching the increasing energy demand with the need for a transition to a lower-carbon economy.

Eavors own Executive Vice President, Jeanine Vany, presented a panel on “Have Renewables Come of Age?”, exploring sentiment and policy around new technologies. Neil Either, Senior Business Development at Eavor, presented a panel on “Geothermal – Enabling Local Clean Energy Autonomy, Anywhere”.

In addition to these panels, Paul Cairns, Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, and Neil Ethier were featured in the Global Energy Show 5×5 series.

Watch their 5×5 episodes on YouTube below.

Paul Cairns Global Energy Show – Providing Affordable Renewable Energy and Scalable Innovation Solutions

Neil Ethier Global Energy Show – Discovering Geothermal Solutions for the Energy Industry

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