MarketWatch – This technology could transform renewable energy. BP and Chevron just invested

Eavor’s announcement, ‘Global energy majors lead pivot to Eavor’s geothermal solution with USD$40 million investment’ has been featured in MarketWatch.

“Eavor promises a groundbreaking form of geothermal energy that could be installed in many places around the world.

BP and Chevron have made a landmark expansion into geothermal energy on Tuesday, betting on a new technology that could prove to be the world’s first scalable clean energy derived from a constant source: the natural heat of the earth.

The two major oil companies have headlined a $40 million funding round into a Canadian geothermal energy firm called Eavor. Based in Calgary, Eavor has pioneered a new form of technology that could feasibly be deployed in many places around the world.”

Read the full article here – MarketWatch

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