Texas Geothermal Energy Alliance (TxGEA) Officially Launched Operations

TxGEA (Texas Geothermal Energy Alliance) recently announced its official launch. “The Texas Geothermal Energy Alliance (TXGEA) is a Texas-based, Texas-led advocacy organization created for the purpose of advancing geothermal energy in Texas.” They have a broad and interdisciplinary group that engages in exploration, well drilling, plant construction, resource production and market creation.

Representatives of TxGEA include individuals from a diverse selection of fields such as, scientists, engineers, individuals from the oil and gas sector and geothermal start-up companies.

As stated in the press release, “The Texas energy sector has benefited tremendously from a diversified energy portfolio that has included oil, natural gas, wind, solar, coal, and nuclear power. In addition to these resources, Texas has the opportunity to develop undeveloped geothermal resources in the near-term to decarbonize residential and industrial heating and cooling and produce reliable and secure baseload electricity.”

TxGEA is supported by an extensive network of companies and organizations that work to further the development of geothermal power in Texas. This network includes companies such as Eavor Technologies, Chevron, Petroleum, Baker Hughes and many more.

Barry Smitherman, who is guiding the formation of TxGEA, says, “The rise of geothermal energy is coming at a pivotal time in Texas. The technological advances, coupled with energy market incentives and a supportive legislative and regulatory framework, will unleash tremendous geothermal energy potential, as well as position Texas as the global epicentre of next-generation geothermal innovation.”

A forthcoming study, funded by the Austin-based Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, will inform TxGEA’s mission, ‘Future of Geothermal in Texas.’ The study will be published in Spring 2022 and provides “a roadmap for future progress for geothermal in the Lone Star State.”

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