The Limited Times – Energiewende Oberland wants electricity and heat from the ground all year round

The Limited Times featured an article on the Oberland Energiewende (EWO) and the desire to have geothermal provide energy and heat all year round. Daniel Moelk, the country manager for Germany at Eavor Technologies, introduced advanced geothermal systems (AGS) during the meeting as the agenda focused on innovation.

This technology consists of drilling wells deep in the ground and has a proprietary working fluid circulated to harness geothermal energy and transport it to a power station on the Earth’s surface. The important aspect of this technology is that it does not require a water-bearing layer in the subsoil. The boreholes in Oberland had failed previously due to the lack of water in the subsurface, and now with this technology, that is no longer a point of contention.

According to Eavor’s Moelk, their planned facility will have an electrical output of 8 megawatts, and a thermal output of 45 megawatts. Since their system does not require a water-bearing layer, it can be built anywhere.

At the congress in Iceland, there is a mood of optimism as geothermal energy already provides 99% of the electricity. This technology is a small revolution and is important as a technology for export in Germany.

Professor Matthias Garschagen from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich says an adaptation to the changing climate situation must take place, regardless of the energy transition. He suggests the recent catastrophes are a foretaste of what’s to come.

Stefan Drexlmeier, the Chairman of the foundation’s Board of Directors says, the Oberland energy transition wants to expand and open up new topics. Environmental education plays a major role in addressing climate change and alternative resources.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Josef Kellner, believes renewable energy is the goal. Currently, only 41% of the electricity, 10% of the heat, and 3% of the energy required for mobility come from renewable resources.

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