GA Drilling, a geothermal drilling company emphasizes the advancements in geothermal drilling

GA Drilling mentioned Eavor as one of Canada’s leading Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) in a LinkedIn article.

The article dives into the methods and schematics of how AGS closed-loop systems work, which is the technology that Eavor uses.

The process begins by drilling vertical wells several thousand feet into the ground. The wells then deviate horizontally into multilaterals. A working fluid is then introduced into the injection well, where the liquid can then absorb heat from the rock via conduction. This hot liquid then rises up the outlet well to the facility.

The hot liquid is then passed through a heat exchanger, transferred to a secondary fluid, which is then vaporized to spin a turbine and generate electricity. Alternatively, the produced heat from the system can be used for heating applications.

GA Drilling explained that this system allows for this liquid to be recycled and reused. Eavor uses this technology to eliminate exploratory risk as well as the risk of aquifer contamination, earthquake possibilities, and the production of brine and emissions. This is what makes Eavor’s solution scalable.

Eavor is at the forefront of implementing these new forms of drilling technology and mitigates any issues that come along with traditional geothermal drilling. A recent successful demonstration project in New Mexico testing this technology, has also attracted additional funding.

GA Drilling is a geothermal drilling company based in Slovakia, with branches in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The company provides drilling technology. Used directly for electricity, heating, cooling, clean water, & food production.

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