SustainablEarth Power boasts that AGS technology has “disruptive” and “transformative” power

SustainablEarth Power Youtube channel broadcasted Eavor’s closed-loop technology in a new video, advocating how Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) are a disruptive and transformative technology that has the potential to become a “globally significant solution for clean electricity.”

AGS has many advantages over traditional geothermal technologies. Its technology mitigates many challenges and risks associated with drilling systems that traditional geothermal and oil and gas companies use, such as exploratory risk and induced seismicity. Being a form of AGS, this gives Eavor-Loop™ technology the means to be implemented almost anywhere on the planet, as there is a nearly endless supply of heat in the Earth’s mantle continuously heating the bedrock beneath our feet.

The video demonstrates how Eavor builds a subsurface reverse-radiator, where heat is absorbed into the working fluid via conduction. Furthermore, it explained that the thermosiphon effect allows for continuous circulation through the wellbores without the need for a pump.

Using already established drilling rigs and expertise, Eavor repurposes them to supply reliable, clean, baseload power to meet energy demands.

According to the video, AGS must prove economic and commercial vitality to “overcome technical challenges when scaling up to utility power production levels,” and that the Geretsried project may be the means to achieve that. From that point, as more AGS projects are built, their costs will decrease, which will increase Eavor’s ability to deploy more Eavor-Loops.™

SustainablEarth Power serves as a representative of Bluetti, an industry-leading manufacturer of advanced lithium battery high-energy storage solutions, which is designed for both off-grid and on-grid power applications. Under the Solar Portable Power division, their global focus involves promoting Bluetti’s technology. According to SustainableEarth Power, their primary goal is to champion the merits of sustainable energy sources by discussing content, insights, and perspectives through videos, articles, and social media.

Jose Luis Caceres, the CEO of SustainablEarth Power, published an article regarding Eavor’s Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) in early 2022, calling Eavor-Loop™ technology the potential ‘holy-grail’ to achieve clean energy. Click here to read the full article.

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