Senior Geologist Lynette Liston was granted an award for her achievements in the geothermal industry and groundbreaking work in renewables

Eavor Senior Geologist Lynette Liston was recently awarded the prestigious Women in Energy Transformation award for her outstanding work. This award recognizes women who have made significant contributions to the energy sector, including the development and implementation of sustainable energy solutions. It highlights her exceptional contributions to the energy sector and her motivation to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

“The energy transition is important to me because a lower carbon, reliable, local baseload energy source could safely help reduce energy poverty—and literally empower nations,” said Liston in an interview with Women in Energy Transformations.

Liston has accumulated a wide variety of skill sets from working in geology technology, leadership roles, and cross-discipline roles with commercial and strategy teams. Her previous work experience in the Exploration and Production Industry involved on and off-shore projects, where she explored conventional and unconventional methods within the industry.

“Lynette and I worked together on 2 teams: Unconventional New Ventures and Global Exploration Strategy, Planning and Portfolio teams,” said Joan Vlasschaert, manager and data science at AltaML.

“She was a key developer of our Unconventional Playbook: a multidisciplinary approach to evaluating North American and global plays for resource potential, “deliver-ability” and value.”

As a University of Calgary graduate, Liston started her journey as a field geologist working for the Canadian Geological Survey. Her career pivoted into the energy sector, where she worked for over 15 years developing skills as a senior geologist, a team leader, and a senior analyst.

Liston strives to strategize solutions that improve accessibility to secure energy in local communities. The global effort to transition to clean energy has served both as a challenge and motivation in her career.

“Another challenge I have faced in my career as a geologist, both in unconventional fossil fuels and currently in the unconventional geothermal energy space, is fighting paradigms on what is possible and having the determination to keep pushing forward,” said Liston.

“My belief is that technology transfer from fossil fuel and other industries, coupled with innovative approaches to development, such as Eavor’s closed-loop system, can provide pathways to green economic baseload energy.”

Her global projects that involved play ranking and strategy development have not only enriched her portfolio, but have made her a valuable leader at Eavor. Since joining the company in March 2021, she has promoted the achievements of women in geothermal jobs. She’s a member of the Women in Geothermal (WING), a global non-profit that promotes women’s innovation and involvement in the growing geothermal industry.

Her work has not only helped to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability but has also helped create economic opportunities for businesses and communities.

The full interview with Liston can be found here

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