Senior Geologist Lynette Liston was granted an award for her achievements in the geothermal industry and groundbreaking work in renewables

Eavor Senior Geologist Lynette Liston was recently awarded the prestigious Women in Energy Transformation award for her outstanding work. This award recognizes women who have made significant contributions to the energy sector, including the development and implementation of sustainable energy solutions. It highlights her exceptional contributions to the energy sector and her motivation to improve quality of life for people around the world. “The energy transition is important to me because a lower carbon, reliable, local baseload energy source could safely help reduce energy poverty—and literally empower nations,” said Liston in an interview with Women in Energy Transformations. Liston has accumulated a wide variety of skill sets from working in geology technology, leadership roles, and cross discipline roles with commercial and strategy teams. Her previous work experience in the Exploration and Production Industry involved on and off-shore projects, where she explored conventional and unconventional methods within the industry.

Dr. Finian Tan on impact investing: looking after the future can further your bottom line

Singapore-based luxury lifestyle magazine The Peak featured a piece on the impact of investment venture capitalist Dr. Finian Tan, and his opinion on why supporting change-makers is necessary – and profitable. Since 1984, The Peak Magazine has specialized in publishing profiles and interviews with “C-suite executives, captains of industry and successful entrepreneurs in Singapore.” Dr. Finian Tan is no exception to the high calibre criteria, having worked as the Deputy Secretary of Trade and Industry for the government of Singapore, the Asian trading arm of Goldman Sachs, and other major venture capital firms. Dr. Tan’s long career in investing has left him an expert in the field, no stranger to the tenets of exponential growth and calculated risk. However, unlike many in the investment industry, Dr. Tan also recognizes the great importance of “investments in sustainable and inclusive growth areas that create paths towards a healthier planet and society.”

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