Renewable Energy Announcements & Initiatives Emerging From Around The Globe In 2021

2021 is off to a powerful start, with renewable energy announcements and initiatives emerging from around the globe. According to Renewable Energy Magazine’s Renewable Energy Trends to Expect in 2021, the New Year will be characterized by diversification and innovation throughout the industry. “Expect to see greener, budget-friendly adaptations in everything from infrastructure to consumer marketing”, writes Emily Folk. 
The international dialogue surrounding which specific methods and technologies should be adopted moving forward is extremely diverse, featuring expert opinions from an array of sectors within the renewable energy industry. That being said, there appears to be a growing consensus regarding the importance of pursuing sustainability on a grander scale. 
In the Canadian context, it is expected a collaborative approach between the oil and gas sector and the renewable industry will represent the best route towards economic recovery as well as sustainability. It is here that geothermal is undeniably emerging as a viable technology to revolutionize the future of energy in Canada and the world beyond. The capacity of geothermal to produce scalable, dispatchable energy without experiencing intermittency issues positions it as an extremely appealing technology for the future. “Homeowners have heard about solar energy for years,” says Folk, “but the future looks bright for industry experts working with geothermal energy.” 

CBC Journalist Tony Seskus echoes this sentiment in his piece, After a turbulent year, Canada’s Energy Industry braces for more upheaval in 2021, stating, “In Canada … Governments are also developing strategies to help grow hydrogen and geothermal into significant players in the energy economy.” 
After a tumultuous 2020, there are exciting things on the horizon for Eavor Technologies and the greater geothermal community. We are looking forward to the increased development and recognition of geothermal energy capacity in the global arena and right here at home.

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