Jeanine Vany

Jeanine Vany Elected to the Geothermal Rising Board of Directors

Geothermal Rising is a non-profit organization that ties together the geothermal community across the globe. Eavor’s own executive vice president and energy advocate, Jeanine Vany has been elected to sit on its new board of directors as the Energy Advocate.

The vision of the Geothermal Rising board is to advance human understanding and the practical use of geothermal energy through collaboration and communication of robust research, knowledge, and guidance. Jeanine, along with 6 fellow appointees have been selected based on their wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and commitment to advancing Geothermal Rising’s mission.

Jeanine has long been recognized as an advocate for geothermal technology and its utilization in key markets around the world. In line with driving Eavor’s mission forward, she strives to remove bias on a specific technology from the conversation to continue her advocacy for geothermal.

Jeanine shares her outlook on the future of geothermal and the communal effort necessary to drive utilization forward, “from an advocacy perspective, I think we as an industry need to look at all forms of geothermal technology, and not just advocate for your particular technology, which in our case is advanced geothermal systems (AGS). Just like there’s not just one oil and gas play that we rely on, there’s not going to be one geothermal play that we rely on. We have to be collaborative and support each other as a nascent industry.”

Her elected seat on the Geothermal Rising board of directors is a win for geothermal. Jeanine is an APEGA registered professional geologist with a career spanning over 15 years in the oil and gas industry. Her experience ranges from reservoir characterization, drilling and operations to full-field delineation strategies, asset management, and acquisition. In 2017, Jeanine began applying her expertise to analyzing emerging geothermal plays and performing geothermal feasibility work globally.

Currently acting as the Canadian ambassador for Women in Geothermal (WING), a non-profit organization with the aim of promoting education, professional development, and advancement of women in the geothermal community. WING is now represented in over 48 countries worldwide, with 14 dedicated country teams, and is the single largest geothermal organization outside of the International Geothermal Association. Learn more about the ongoing work at WING.

Eavor would like to congratulate Jeanine Vany, in addition to the newly elected Geothermal Rising board of directors to take office in early 2022.

  • Jeanine Vany, Eavor Technologies Inc. (Energy Advocate Seat)
  • Jay Egg, Egg Geo, LLC (At Large Seat)
  • Rita Esuru Okoroafor, Stanford University (At Large Seat)
  • Jaclyn Urbank, POWER Engineers, Inc. (Consultant Seat)
  • Elisabeth de Jong, California Energy Commission (Government Seat)
  • Kennie Tsui, New Zealand Geothermal Association (International Seat)
  • Nick Goodman, Cyrq Energy, Inc. (Owner/Operator Seat)

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