IHFC features quality score evaluations for heat flow data in 2024 report

The International Heat Flow Commission (IHFC) has published an updated set of global heat-flow data. This data, gathered from 1939 to 2024, helps scientists understand the Earth’s internal heat. The data collection is part of a global project that has been improving to ensure high-quality information since May 2021.

The 2024 update includes new heat-flow measurements published since April 2023, adding to a total of 91,182 data points from 1,586 scientific publications. Most of these measurements (57 percent) come from land areas, while the rest (43 percent) are from the ocean. The IHFC explains that this comprehensive dataset is crucial for studying the Earth’s heat and contributes to our knowledge of geophysical processes.

The 2024 compilation includes quality score evaluations based on IHFC quality codes. The International Heat Flow Commission has worked on compiling the Global Heat Flow Database to offer reliable heat-flow data since 1963, and as techniques and methodologies have advanced, there has been a need to reorganize the database structure and reassess the stored heat-flow data.

The IHFC, operating under and co-sponsored by multiple international associations, aims to advance geothermal research. Its objectives include developing standards for geothermal research, collecting and publishing geothermal data, organizing scientific meetings and expeditions, publishing monographs on geothermal issues, and creating working groups to address specific geothermal problems. Eavor’s innovative closed-loop geothermal aligns with these objectives, using IHFC’s comprehensive heat-flow data to refine its systems and provide energy autonomy across the planet.

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