Mindfulicity’s Mairi Serpas on Eavor: implementing tools for stronger wellbeing in the workplace

Eavor has teamed up with social enterprise Mindfulicity to continue building a healthy work culture that inspires productivity and innovation.

Mindfulicity’s core values were born from support systems and counseling expertise within YWCA Calgary. They believe the skill sets needed to build and maintain healthy relationships – at home, in the community and in our workplaces are crucial.

“We’re experts in the field of relationship building, and we’ve just taken those skills and repackaged them in a different way,” said Manager Mairi Serpas.

Using a ten micro-learning module program, Mindfulicity teaches practical skills and strategies to help manage conflict, navigate stress, and lessen burnout. Each of these ten modules highlight key components that are critical for building psychologically safe environments in companies and communities.

“We always talk about Mindfulicity as being a ‘win, win, win’ type of venture; win for the organization who is purchasing, win for the employees, and win for the community,” said Serpas.

Mindfulicity believes that environments where people do not feel safe, respected and valued, cause productivity and innovation to suffer. These are places where the fear of expressing oneself, miscommunication, judgement, or harassment are present. As a result, operations at these companies are hindered by a constant cycle of crisis management.

“It’s about starting early and getting ahead of that line of crisis,” said Serpas.

“If we can all do better in being aware of our own wellness and mindfulness, and interact from that position, then we’re facilitating long-term results.”

Serpas also explained that facilitating mindfulness means paying attention to one’s emotional state and contemplating the consequences of reacting a certain way towards others. That being said, Serpas said that achieving this takes practice and repetition.

In working with Eavor, Serpas expressed that the company has taken a phenomenal first step in establishing a healthy work culture and innovative business.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Eavor, they do amazing work in trying to create a strong business culture. In a startup, it’s extremely important to get it right at the beginning. They have a strong commitment to that. Really investing effort into keeping that culture and not letting it get swallowed up by the work– I really admire that,” said Serpas.

“Eavor is pleased to work with Mindfulicity, a local Calgary start-up much like Eavor was 6 years ago. We tripled the size of our company during the pandemic basically on the internet! We decided to bring the training in when we started taking a good hard look at our culture and the constraints we were working under during the pandemic. There really is no downside to purchasing the training, if employees need it, it is there to support them. We are still in the roll out stage and haven’t gotten to the point of using it for team discussions, but the goal is to get there and use it as a way to learn more about our peers and what they consider a healthy culture” said Jeanine Vany, Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs, Eavor Technologies Inc.

“Mindfulicity is also about technology, about culture, about connectivity, and building a culture that we can all be a part of. There’s a really neat synergy between the two profiles; between Eavor and Mindfulicity,” said Serpas.

To contact Mindfulicity and explore their programs, click here.

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