Geothermal Rising announces new Executive Director

Non-profit green energy think-tank Geothermal Rising appointed Bryant Jones as the new Executive Director on Tuesday, February 14th in a press release published on their website.

Jones has studied the intersection of science and technology, policy, and energy transition over the last 5 years. His fifteen years of political experience gave him special insight into how advocacy groups influence the creation of industry narratives and boundaries, and subsequently, shape emerging relevant policies and regulations, a topic he explored during his 7 years at Boise State University.

“I am excited to be part of a community that has the solutions we need to avert and drawdown the climate crisis while simultaneously transitioning the hydrocarbon workforce, skills and knowledge into the clean energy economy,” said Bryant.

Founded in 1972, Geothermal Rising is the world’s oldest geothermal energy association, with a focus on increasing public awareness and interest in the industry in the United States and around the world.

Geothermal Rising was initially founded under the name Geothermal Resources Council and is best known for its annual conferences that bring international experts and industry leaders together for a multi-day event.

“Bryant has the vision, experience, and capabilities to take this organization to new heights,” said Jeanine Vany, Geothermal Rising Energy Advocate Director and Executive Vice President for Eavor Technologies Inc. “His background in policy and the private equity space, combined with his open mind, and inclusive attitude, make him the ideal candidate to lead our organization into the future.”

In collaboration with marketing expert and geothermal guru Peter Tait, Jones published a comprehensive white paper in early January 2023, detailing the West’s pressing need to implement clean energy practices in private and public sectors, and policies aimed at fostering the development and innovation of renewable energy technologies.

Jones also worked with big names in the geothermal business such as Jamie Beard of Project Innerspace, Rebecca Schulz of the International Energy Agency, and Dr. Michael Young from the University of Texas at Austin on the landmark 15-part study on the future of the geothermal industry in Texas.

The Executive Director position was previously held by Dr. Will Pettitt, who served in the role for 4 years. Pettitt is currently the Geothermal Discipline Lead for oil and gas giant Baker Hughes, who’s recently announced its own efforts to implement geothermal technology in retired extraction wells.

Displaying a zealous enthusiasm for geothermal and the energy transition, Jones says “geothermal can decarbonize industry, manufacturing, commercial and residential buildings, agriculture, and the electric grid.”

“It is the solution policymakers, investors, and the public are searching for to solve the climate crisis. I look forward to building on the successes of this proven technology and growing the geothermal community as we use the Earth to save the Earth,” said Jones.

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