Eavor Featured in Colliers’ Canadian Tech Occupiers Guide

Eavor’s pivotal role in Calgary’s cleantech expansion has garnered recognition from both Nate Glubish, the Minister of Technology and Innovation at the Government of Alberta, and has been highlighted in a comprehensive report by Colliers.

This acknowledgment signifies Eavor’s leading contribution to Calgary being the fastest-growing digital innovation hub in Canada. As a result, the city is witnessing heightened interest from investors.

Glubish’s additional comments included a congratulatory message to Calgary for its tech ecosystem ranking by Colliers, and specifically applauds Eavor for securing a spot among the top 5 venture capital deals in Canada.

Eavor’s position in the report reflects on its noteworthy $132-million grant from the European Innovation Council, which supports operations in Germany. Additionally, the report also highlighted the secured $90 million from the federal government’s Canada Growth Fund (CGF).

A section in Colliers’ report outlines Calgary’s strides in establishing a robust high-tech ecosystem. This was spurred by various initiatives, including a $3.1-million injection from the federal government aimed at enhancing business relationships and retention. It also provides insights into current and future trends. It explores the intricate relationship between tech tenants and the broader commercial real estate market, offering better understanding of the evolving dynamics in this changing landscape.

Over a 5-year period, the report notes a 39 percent growth in tech sector venture capital funding, positioning Calgary as the second fastest-growing market for capital investment. Despite a 40 percent decline in overall investments, Calgary-based tech companies have raised over $300 million.

Canadian tech firms are poised to lead in emerging technologies, especially in places like Quebec for artificial intelligence (AI) and in Alberta for clean energy. The report states that this is made possible mostly by ICT Specialists, Software developers, and Life Sciences professionals, who contribute essential expertise to streamline business operations, develop new tools and platforms, and advance biotechnological innovations.

In this tech revolution, Calgary shines as a hub of innovation, powered by companies like Eavor and a collaborative tech community. As a result, the city is setting the stage for ongoing growth and influence in the world of cleantech, making Calgary a beacon in the landscape of emerging technologies.

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