Eavor CEO John Redfern Speaks About Eavor’s Successes in Germany

After a recent interview with Eavor CEO John Redfern on the Calgary Eyeopener radio show, CBC News’s Taylor Simmons put together a great piece on Eavor’s technology and highlights some great points from John’s interview.

“What’s interesting about it is not just the money, which is always welcome. It’s the validation of being a small Canadian startup and getting one of these awards,” said Redfern.

Redfern explained the benefits of developing geothermal energy in a place like Alberta. With oil rig and drilling technology already well-established in the province, developing geothermal technology is affordable and logical.

Eavor-Loop™ creates what Redfern describes as an ‘underground radiator,’ which will offer up to 20 thousand homes heat and power with zero emissions. With construction underway at the site of the first commercial Eavor-Loop™ in Geretsried, Germany, drilling is scheduled to begin in July and energy is anticipated to be supplied by the end of next year.

Redfern also expressed that one of Eavor’s goals is to export this technology to wean European reliance off Russian gas as soon as possible.

During a time when geo-political tensions are high in Europe, an alternative to oil and gas is needed now more than ever. According to Markeplace, Germany once got half of its energy from Russian natural gas, and has had to rely on liquified natural gas from the United States since sanctions against Russia began.

Geothermal energy is entirely compatible to co-exist with other sources of green energy as well, such as solar and wind power. Redfern said that Eavor’s intention is to help these industries achieve their energy autonomy goals.

“What greater irony is there that oil sands can be the solution, indirectly, to Germany’s energy crisis?” said Redfern.

Redfern called Eavor’s continuing success a “wonderful Alberta technology success story.”

The link to the full CBC article can be found here.

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