Next-generation geothermal steals the spotlight during CERAWeek

The 41st annual CERAWeek Conference by S&P Global has dominated industry headlines for more than a week, and renewable energy spent more time in the limelight than conventional sources like oil and gas. In particular, the emerging next-generation geothermal industry received a great deal of attention, reinforcing what major players in the sector already know: geothermal’s revival is gathering global momentum, and Calgary-based Eavor Technologies holds a key position at the industry’s helm. Jeanine Vany, Eavor’s executive vice president of corporate affairs, met with U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm during the week-long event, following a panel appearance by CEO John Redfern in an Agora session on the opening day of CERAWeek.

In with the old to improve the new: why geothermal needs oil and gas

Bloomberg Opinion columnist David Fickling wrote a detailed treatise on the state of technology transfer in the energy industry, and how renewables – particularly next-generation geothermal – could benefit from existing expertise. Fickling has covered all things energy and commodities for Bloomberg Opinion since 2015. His column focuses on short, albeit informative articles explaining the nuances of the energy transition for both the educated and the uninitiated. To start, Fickling points out historical cases of unintentional tech hits (and misses) that revolutionized our world – epipens and microwaves are merely two examples of repurposed military technology.

Utah Geothermal Project Championed by US Energy Secretary

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s recent visit to Utah comes at the heels of Biden’s new State of the Union address about the future of green energy. The United States is planning a gradual transition from a total reliance on oil and gas to leveraging green energy technology. This transitional process is necessary to keep a reliable source of power for the nation. “This is a transition. It’s not an on and off switch,” Granholm said at a news conference. “We need to make sure people have power.”

Eavor CEO John Redfern Speaks About Eavor’s Successes in Germany

After a recent interview with Eavor CEO John Redfern on the Calgary Eyeopener radio show, CBC News’s Taylor Simmons put together a great piece on Eavor’s technology and highlights some great points from John’s interview. “What’s interesting about it is not just the money, which is always welcome. It’s the validation of being a small Canadian startup and getting one of these awards,” said Redfern. Redfern explained the benefits of developing geothermal energy in a place like Alberta. With oil rig and drilling technology already well-established in the province, developing a geothermal technology is affordable and logical.

Cooperation Agreement signed with Sonoma Clean Power for up to 200 MWe of Eavor-Loop™ in Northern California

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada – March 21, 2023 – Eavor Technologies Inc. (“Eavor”), the leader in globally scalable geothermal technology, is pleased to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with Sonoma Clean Power for the development of up to 200 MWe of new geothermal through the GeoZone initiative in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, California. The Geothermal Opportunity Zone (“GeoZone”) creates a public-private partnership for local geothermal development. Sonoma Clean Power then contracts for power generated with selected private partners who provide the technology and capital to enhance geothermal capacity in the Northern California region. The GeoZone provides a sustainable and affordable source of reliable clean energy.

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