Eavor and Kajima Partnership Featured in BNN

Eavor recently announced a new partnership with Japanese construction giant Kajima Corporations, and since then, the “strategic alliance” gained attention from BNN Breaking.

The BNN article written by María Alejandra Trujillo emphasizes the significance of this new investment and highlights how the partnership benefits both parties in their sustainability ambitions. Kajima’s investment to Eavor’s Series B funding has been described as a “pivotal moment” for Eavor that solidifies its global presence. Furthermore, it contributes vitality to Eavor’s strive in revolutionizing the energy sector.

As mentioned in the article and Eavor’s recent press release, Eavor’s goals are in “seamless alignment” with Kajima’s Environmental Vision of Triple Zero 2050, which prioritizes a sustainable society by achieving carbon neutrality, circular economy, and nature positivity.

Kajima is the latest company to invest in Eavor, joining the roster of energy giants that have made significant contributions to Eavor’s projects, such as OMV, Vickers Venture Partners, bp Ventures, Chubu Electric Power, BDC Capital, Temasek, and BHP Ventures. Eavor has also received generous investments from the Canada Growth Fund (CGF), Monaco Asset Management, and the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund to boost the company’s Series B funding.

Enabling further deployment of Eavor-Loop™ systems, Kajima represents the third partnership Eavor has garnered with a Japanese entity, proceeding investments from Chubu Electric Power and the Japan Energy Fund. Eavor CEO John Redfern and Kajima’s Michiya Uchida made agreeing comments that this new partnership will play a pivotal role in establishing renewable energy solutions in the country, and aligns with Japan’s ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality.

The collaboration between Eavor and Kajima will aim to accelerate a global transition to clean energy. Kajima’s decision to invest in Eavor underscores their shared vision; moreover, it highlights the increasing interest from international markets in Eavor’s technology and its potential to contribute to the global energy mix.

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