Drilling For Clean Energy: Geothermal Innovation In Alberta

John Redfern is an expert investor, advisor and serial entrepreneur in the data analytics, oil service and energy tech verticals. John spent his career in executive roles at multiple international oil co’s and oil service co’s including as a Director at Hess in London, President of Accumap in Calgary and President of IHS Energy in Denver. Prior to Eavor, John spent 13 years in China co-founding a series of start-ups, the most recent of which is LocalGravity, the leading retail data analytics platform in China. As a director, executive and advisor over the years, John has specialized in commercial strategy, negotiations, alliancing, M&A, and private equity. John holds a degree in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Law degrees from McGill University in Montreal, and an MBA degree from INSEAD in France.

John recently contributed to the Arc Energy Podcast discussing a wide range of topics. Take a listen at the link below.

Taken from – https://www.arcenergyinstitute.com/

This week we interview John Redfern, the President and CEO of Eavor. His company has invented a novel way for harvesting the earth’s geothermal energy based, in part, on their knowledge from drilling oil and gas wells. The solution is called the Eavor-Loop. The technology overcomes many of the issues that have hampered traditional applications.  For instance, it is not limited to niche geographies and it circulates naturally, instead of using an energy intense pump.  The Eavor-Loop has been successfully piloted in Alberta, and assuming the solution is successful at large-scale deployment, it would be a step forward into a low carbon future.

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