Alberta Minister of Environment and Protected Areas Rebecca Schulz promotes Eavor-Loop™ technology in Germany

Eavor co-founder and EVP Jeanine Vany had the opportunity to meet the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas of Alberta, Rebecca Schulz, and provide a tour of Eavor’s Geretsried drill site.

In regard to the event, Vany commented: “It was my honor to tour Minister Schulz around the drilling site at Geretsreid. In some ways having Minister Schulz present felt like coming full circle. Without the early-stage investment from the Alberta and Federal governments to drill the Eavor Lite pilot in Alberta in 2019, we would not be standing here today, in Bavaria, drilling the first commercial Eavor Loop™. Our goal to enable local clean energy autonomy everywhere is feeling closer than ever and will certainly have a transformative impact on the energy crisis in Europe as we deploy more Eavor Loops.”

Schulz and Vany collectively expressed excitement to witness Alberta-based technology, one that has origins in oil and gas expertise, achieving commercialization in Germany.

In her Instagram post about the event, Schulz quoted that there are great prospects of scaling this geothermal power in Canada and globally, proving that “Alberta can, and will, export our energy and expertise to help power the world.”

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