Boundless – Eavor-Loop™ Climate Impact

Climate Impact Profile

“Generating electricity using the Eavor-Loop™ geothermal system presents lower CO₂ equivalent emissions compared to scenarios that involve solar-PV power plants, which need integrated backup systems to account for their natural intermittency. 

The life-cycle emissions for Eavor’s Geretsried, Germany Eavor-Loop™ system were estimated as 11.6 kg of CO₂e emissions per MWh of energy produced. This is, on average, 97% lower compared to a similar generation system in which a solar-PV system has an integrated BESS, a NGT, or both. 

An additional advantage of Eavor’s closed-loop geothermal system is that it does not present the inherent intermittency of solar and wind energy, providing a renewable source of baseload and dispatchable electric power.”

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Source: Eavor Climate Impact Profile: Boundless Impact Research & Analytics, 2021. Other technologies: Seckinger, N.; Radgen, P. Dynamic Prospective Average and Marginal GHG Emission Factors—Scenario-Based Method for the German Power System until 2050. Energies 2021, 14, 2527. Thermal Energy converted to Electricity using 2019 average operating heat rates from the EIA.

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