RECHARGE News – Oil giants BP and Chevron become part-owners of ‘world-changing’ deep-geothermal innovator Eavor

Eavor’s announcement, ‘Global energy majors lead pivot to Eavor’s geothermal solution with USD$40 million investment’ has been featured in RECHARGE News.

“Canadian start-up attracts $40m of new funding from six strategic partners to support the commercialization of its ‘holy grail’ technology.

BP and Chevron have become part-owners of Eavor, the Canadian start-up that offers unlimited, on-demand renewable energy anywhere in the world through an innovative deep-geothermal solution.

The two oil majors were among six strategic investors who took part in a $40m funding round, and both are now likely to further assist Eavor financially and practically as the company builds out its first commercial projects.”

Read the full article here – RECHARGE NEWS

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