The Global Cleantech Top 100 has listed Eavor as one of the top global companies that are “fighting the good fight against worldwide carbon emissions

Eavor’s achievements have been recognized by the world-renowned CleanTech Group, and has made the Global Cleantech Top 100 list of 2023.

As one of the twelve Canadian companies to make the list, the Government of Canada’s Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) department has stated in a LinkedIn post that it “backs Eavor’s efforts to make reliable geothermal power more available. The company is helping advance Canada on the path to net zero by 2050.”

Furthermore, the ISED stated that Eavor Technologies is not only assisting industries to decarbonize, but it’s also contributing to a cleaner future for Canada.

The ISED collaborates with individuals and businesses across the nation, spanning various economic sectors to enhance the investment landscape, boost innovation, expand Canada’s global trade participation, and foster a just, proficient, and competitive marketplace.

This commemoration comes alongside breaking international news from the UN, stating that the world is entering a phase of “global boiling,” as the hottest global temperature ever recorded happened on July 6, and temperatures are expected to keep rising over the summer. Preceding this news is the World Meteorological Organisation’s data indicating that last June had been the hottest on record.

To decarbonize industries around the world, funds are funnelling into clean technology infrastructure at an exceptional rate, according to Cleantech Group’s research and data. The report demonstrates that worldwide investment into geothermal energy in 2022 doubled, and investment into baseload energy sources increased by 1 billion USD in 2022.

In regards to energy and power, research manager Anthony DeOrsey stated: “While downturns in cleantech venture investments were seen across multiple sectors this past year, Energy & Power have shown signs of increased growth – this year there have been larger rounds invested in a more concentrated group of companies. There have also been unique energy and power opportunities during this past year, as global energy price volatility has strengthened enthusiasm for alternative energy sources and energy users (e.g., commercial and industrial or residential customers), embracing energy-saving technologies at a faster clip.”

Cleantech Group specializes in providing research, consulting, and events that foster opportunities for sustainable growth driven by innovation. As many industries shift towards a digitized, de-carbonized, and resource-efficient industrial future, Cleantech Group extends from initial strategy development to final deals, aiding corporate change makers, investors, governments, and stakeholders.

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