Ryan Martin presents Eavor’s innovations at geothermal conference in Pisa

A presentation from Development Engineer, Ryan Martin demonstrated the technological successes of Eavor-Loop™ technology, and the benefits it offers, at the ETIP Geothermal Annual Conference in Pisa, Italy.

Martin explained that the benefits of Eavor-Loop™ are multifaceted. For example, not only does it eliminate the reliance on permeable aquifers, it has a minimal surface footprint, and its inherent density-driven circulation eliminates the need for pumps, ensuring a parasitic load-free system.

Another remarkable feature of the Eavor-Loop™ is its capacity to transition between baseload and dispatchable modes. Martin explained that while an Eavor-Loop™ can operate at a flat baseload capacity, its output can also be adjusted to match load curves based on other renewables, such as wind and solar.

Eavor first tested its dispatchability algorithms and Rock-Pipe™ technology at its first prototype project, Eavor-Lite™. Rock Pipe™ technology is one of Eavor’s patented innovations that optimizes the integrity of the closed-loop system. It isolates the circulating working fluid from the surrounding subsurface, allowing for Eavor to extract energy via conduction. Furthermore, the lack of fluid exchange allows Eavor to benefit from what’s called a thermosiphon effect. Martin explains that with this difference in density between hot and cold, the system naturally circulates itself.

Rock-Pipe™ technology exhibited remarkable success, with system leaks decreasing over time. Martin noted the pre-drilling model’s accuracy within 5 percent of the field data, showcasing the system’s robust predictive capabilities. This means that Eavor’s closed-loop system exhibits minimal water consumption, contributing to its low operational footprint.

Martin also underscored the third-party support received for Eavor’s technology, citing independent investigations that validated the company’s methodology. This credibility helped pave the way for subsurface experts such as bp, Chevron, and OMV, to endorse Eavor.

The journey toward commercialization reached a milestone with Eavor-Deep™, unveiling critical technologies like insulated drill pipes and multilateral technology. Eavor-Europe™, with its four loops boasting 12 laterals each, will have an installed capacity of 64 MW of thermal and 8 MW of electric power. Operations in Geretsried are poised to cultivate a learning curve for Eavor, fostering efficiency, cost savings, and technological effectiveness through a repeatable process.

Martin’s comprehensive presentation underlined the groundbreaking Eavor-Loop™ technology, emphasizing its versatility, sustainability, and remarkable success in testing and implementation. He emphasized that the sheer magnitude of data generated by a single Eavor-Loop™, with over 72 km of open-hole wellbore, will continue to serve as a valuable resource for continuous improvement as the company continues to scale globally.

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