Geothermal potential in Austria: Industrie 4.0 sees benefits in Eavor-Loops™ after talks with Daniel Mölk

Technological trail-blazer Industrie 4.0 has featured Eavor in an online article, highlighting many advantages Eavor has in the renewable energy sector and how Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS) can expedite Austria’s energy self-sufficiency goals.

Unlike traditional geothermal and Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), AGS does not rely on access to natural or man-made underground aquifers; therefore, it bypasses the need for in depth exploration or fracking. Using conduction-based technology, Eavor-Loops™ are versatile and scalable because they harvests energy from hot rock rather than aquifers.

Geothermal energy and AGS were recently subjects in the “Sustainability Insights” panel, where Industrie 4.0 talked to Executive Vice President Europe Operations Daniel Mölk, discussing his insights on the development and costs of geothermal systems and its future potential for ​​district heating.

Furthermore, Mölk explained the role that digitization and Industrie 4.0 plays in drilling, and what applications could be possible in the future.

“One, it’s a regenerative form of energy that does not require fossil fuels and does not produce any radioactive waste. Two, compared to solar and wind energy, geothermal energy has baseload capacity; it’s available regardless of the respective weather conditions and can (similar to hydroelectric power) provide energy without interruptions.”

Industrie 4.0 is an association that aims to efficiently use new technological developments and innovations of digitization for the Austrian production sector. Using high-calibre research, dynamic development, and quality working environments, Industrie 4.0 offers businesses and organizations the opportunity to be competitive in a global market and nurture future prosperity for Austrian employees.

Recently, a joint-venture between OMV Group and Wien Energie formed to explore and develop deep geothermal energy in the Vienna region. Wien Energi aims to incorporate geothermal energy into its plan to make district heating completely carbon-neutral by 2040, with its first deep geothermal plant to be established in Aspern as soon as 2026.

As the article demonstrates, Eavor can be a key asset in establishing local energy autonomy for Austrian communities and businesses. There is an abundance of renewable heat energy just below the earth’s crust, and using Eavor-Loops™, we can use that heat to generate electricity and heat homes, furthering energy security and independence.

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