Energi Media Features Eavor’s Paul Cairns in an Interview About Innovators Leading Alberta Oil Patch’s Energy Transition

Energi Media recently featured Eavor’s director of business development, Paul Cairns, in an article about energy transitions in Alberta.

CEO of Energi Media, Markham Hislop, spotlighted three clean energy stories in the article, highlighting Eavor’s technology and how it adopts methods that were created by the oil and gas sector for geothermal.

It also gave context to Eavor’s motivation to provide a scalable, baseload or dispatchable source of clean energy that does not suffer from the same shortcomings of traditional geothermal or Enhanced Geothermal Systems.

“There’s been lots and lots of time and energy put into extracting hot water from the earth, pulling that heat energy out of the water to make electricity or heating. It’s been done for a very long period of time,” said Cairns in the interview.

The article also explained Eavor’s success in Germany, and why it’s a crucial time to develop a reliable closed-loop system, given recent geopolitical tensions in Europe. According to Reuters, Germany is to pay 40 per cent more for energy in 2023 due to economic sanctions imposed on Russia. To help secure a more reliable and local source of energy, the European Innovation Fund granted Eavor €91.6 million to continue its operations in Bavaria.

Cairns explained how this closed-loop technology works in the interview.

“With Eavor, rather than finding water in the ground that’s hot, and extracting it, or pumping water into the earth, having it co-mingle with the rock, and then extract it as it becomes hot, we simply pass water through a set of drilled wells, like a radiator in your car. We can really go anywhere, and just put this massive radiator into the earth, and extract this heat directly through a conduction-based system,” said Cairns.

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