Eavor signs a geothermal action plan in the Netherlands

In an ongoing effort to develop clean and reliable energy for the Netherlands, Eavor has recently signed an action plan to accelerate geothermal energy in North Brabant. This initiative, driven by the province of North Brabant, the municipality of Helmond, and the Dutch government-owned company EBN B.V., aims to accelerate geothermal energy production in the region.

Initiatives outlined in the action plan will focus on areas such as addressing obstacles in the Ruhr Valley, enhancing geological data accuracy, mitigating financial risks, and optimizing existing heating networks for sustainability. Additionally, the plan includes research into the potential of shallow geothermal energy.

The action plan involves signatures from four regions in Brabant, the investment company Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM), and several energy companies and suppliers, including Aardyn B.V., Ennatuurlijk B.V., Ennatuurlijk Aardwarmte, and Enpuls Warmte Infra. Horticulture institutions such as Glastuinbouw Nederland and the Entrepreneurs’ Platform Greenhouse Horticulture ZO-NL have also signed the agreement.

With the deep geothermal sector in the Netherlands aiming to meet 5 percent of the total heat demand by 2030 and 23 percent by 2050, significant investments will be made to support geothermal projects. Last year, the country’s geothermal sector received grants totaling f €2 billion, facilitating the launch of at least 18 geothermal projects.

As part of the solution to reduce fossil fuel usage in the country, Eavor is one of the  market parties working to bring geothermal energy to the Netherlands. The collaboration between Eavor and these market parties underscores a shared commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions in the Netherlands. With ongoing support and investment, the expansion of geothermal energy holds promise for reducing carbon emissions and fostering a more resilient and environmentally friendly energy landscape.

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