Eavor earns a spot in the North America Climate Tech 200

Eavor made HolonIQ’s North America Climate Tech 200 list of most promising startups that work in new energy, the environment, and sustainability.

HolonIQ, a leading global data and insight platform, serves as a global hub of data and insights to inform decisions and actions across international platforms, including NGOs, universities, multinational corporations, and technology and finance companies.

To qualify for this list, HolonIQ requires several eligibility factors from companies. Startups must be less than a decade old, independently owned, and have a significant impact within the ClimateTech, EdTech, or Health Tech industries. Eavor met these requirements with its game-changing technology.

The patented Eavor-Loop™ circulates a working fluid through a closed-loop wellbore system, enabling the extraction of Geoenergy without aquifer contamination, emissions, or induced seismicity. Unlike traditional geothermal systems, which often rely on niche geological conditions, Eavor’s system is a scalable, “go-anywhere” technology that provides reliable and predictable baseload energy.

Notably, among the select startups on the list, Eavor represents a growing investment in next-generation energy solutions. While renewables only account for 7 percent of startups on the list, geothermal and solar startups have taken the lead within this category.

Eavor’s inclusion in the North America Climate Tech 200 is a testament to their dedication to pushing the boundaries of clean and reliable technology. Furthermore, it demonstrates Eavor’s progress in becoming a global leader in the cleantech industry.

According to Eavor’s Chief Business Development Officer Paul Cairns, Eavor has a pipeline of global projects already in development. He commented: “It wasn’t our plan to just build one Eavor-Loop™ and then hope others would follow suit. We’ve already got those other projects warmed up and ready to go.”

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