CBC Deems Upcoming Years to be Geothermal Energy’s “Hottest Decade Yet”

A recently published CBC article demonstrates great optimism for Canadian geothermal in the upcoming decade due to technological advancements, dubbing geothermal a “long-overlooked climate solution.”

Eavor CEO John Redfern explains that knowledge of geothermal’s vast sources across the country has been known for a long time; however, economic viability to reach high temperatures in the subsurface was lacking, and restricted expansion.

The article emphasizes that this outlook is changing due to an influx of innovative advancements in the geothermal landscape, such as Eavor’s scalable closed-loop systems. Not only does this new technology provide a reliable energy source that can replace fossil fuels, but it’s making geothermal energy globally accessible regardless of geological features.

One testament to these advancements is showcased in Rainbow Lake’s ambition to become the first municipality in Alberta to be entirely powered by geothermal, and according to the town’s chief administrative officer, Dan Fletcher, this could be as early as 2028. A pilot project from E2E Energy Solutions, a company that focuses on repurposing depleted oil and gas production assets, is being developed with the town of Rainbow Lake to achieve this milestone.

Domenico Daprocida, the founder of E2E, noted that despite recent technological strides, geothermal energy still carries a higher upfront cost compared to other renewable alternatives like wind and solar. However, a significant advantage of geothermal lies in its reliable and consistent energy output, which is distinct from the intermittent nature of solar and wind. Furthermore, Daprocida emphasized that geothermal uses a considerably smaller surface footprint in comparison to wind or solar farms.

Additionally, Deep Corp is actively developing Canada’s first geothermal power facility in southern Saskatchewan, anticipating full commissioning by the end of 2025 due to significant funding and government support. The project leverages existing oil and gas drilling technology, envisioning geothermal not only for power generation but also as a winter heating solution for Canadian homes.

As advancements in geothermal technology become more sophisticated, and projects receive greater investments, the potential for geothermal energy to play a significant role in the global transition to reliable power sources continues to grow. This progress not only opens new avenues for harnessing the Earth’s natural heat but also positions geothermal as a viable and scalable solution.

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