Calgary has been chosen to host World Geothermal Congress 2026

The World Geothermal Congress’ tender committee has chosen Calgary as the host city for the World Geothermal Congress 2026 (WGC2026).

Held every three years, the WGC is a global event organized by the International Geothermal Association (IGA). It serves to bring together industry leaders, academic experts, finance professionals, government officials, NGOs, and communities to foster collaboration and devise sustainable solutions for future generations.

Calgary’s bid was chosen for its exceptional growth in the geothermal sector in recent years, and its commitment to becoming a world leader in the production of geothermal energy. By being the 2026 host, Calgary is helping to forge the path for geothermal’s future, which will foster innovation, attract new investors, develop new vocation with post-secondary students, and expand the WGC’s global reach.

Having world-class experts and organizations gather in Calgary is a monumental opportunity that Eavor is ecstatic to contribute and participate in.

CEO and founder of Eavor Technologies John Redfern commented: “Eavor is extremely pleased that Calgary was successful in the bid to host the next World Geothermal Congress in 2026. This will be the first time for the WGC in North America. As such, the WGC will reap the benefits of locating in a world-class energy industry hub, bolster the profile of geo energy nationwide, while showcasing Alberta’s drilling, construction and next generation geothermal expertise to the world. A real win-win scenario!”

The IGA is a non-profit, educational organization based in the Netherlands that seeks to support the exploration and utilization of geothermal energy for producing electricity and direct heating. They work towards this goal by gathering scientific and technical knowledge about geothermal resources, and facilitating communication between experts and organizations in the field. These efforts are driven by non-profit organizations that recognize the importance of geothermal energy for sustainable development.

A handover ceremony will happen at the WGC2023 in Beijing this September, at which time the Calgary steering committee, including Eavor’s Executive Vice President / Corporate Affairs and co-founder Jeanine Vany, will begin their journey towards 2026.

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