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External Experts

TNO – Eavor-Loop™ Audit Report

Eavor has proposed an innovative well design for geothermal energy production, the Eavor Loop. The Eavor Loop consists of a closed loop system, in which heat is extracted from the deep subsurface through multi-lateral wells acting as effective heat exchangers.

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Boundless – Climate Impact Profile

This profile compares Eavor’s geothermal electricity generation technology against competing electricity generation systems, such as large-scale solar systems with integrated battery-energy storage systems (BESSs), with integrated natural gas turbines (NGTs), or with both.

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Internal Experts

Eavor-Lite Performance Update and Extrapolation to Commercial Projects

Eavor-Lite™ is a full-scale demonstration project of a multilateral closed-loop geothermal system.
An update is presented based on ~16 months of operations and testing. The project is located near
Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada and consists of two 1.7 km long multilateral horizontal wellbores
connecting two 2.4 km deep vertical wellbores to create a U-tube shaped closed-loop geothermal

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