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Eavor Technologies Inc. (pronounced “ev-er”) is a global geothermal technology company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. The firm was founded in 2017 with the goal of producing a scalable form of baseloaddispatchable energy.

Is drilling an Eavor-Loop feasible?

Michael Holmes

Tools and technologies developed in the E&P industry are all in place to drill and complete Eavor-Loops in a safe and efficient way. The shale gas development in North America has proven that large horizontal drilling campaigns can reduce drilling costs by 70 to 80% when scaled up. This makes Eavor-Loops a highly economic baseload source of Energy.

Have you already built an Eavor-Loop?

Bailey Schwarz

In 2019 Eavor build the Eavor-Lite demonstration facility, proving all aspects of the technology. The wells were multilateral drilled and intersected, the Rock-Pipe fluid has sealed permeable zones in the subsurface and the fluid is in circulation without pump support since 2019.

Are Eavor-Loops at risk of collapse during production?

Todd Stuebing

Eavor-Loops are placed in highly stable formation, by deeply evaluating geophysical subsurface data by an expert team of geoscientists. Since the laterals are sealed and no drilling is planned into structural faulted or fractured zones, there is no flow into the formation that causes an instability. By the way, that also eliminates the risk of induced seismicity.

How much Energy can an Eavor-Loop produce? Is it worth the effort?

Stephen Longfield

The output of an Eavor-Loop highly depends on the temperature gradient, depth and thermal conductivity in the ground. The geoscientific team makes sure we have good data. The average output per Eavor-Loop can be between 15 and 20 MW thermal or 2 MW power. Since the Loops operate 24/7, independent from season or weather, the profitability is given and highly predictable.

Is there a market for Eavor-Loops?

Robert Winsloe

Eavor-Loops are the only source of energy that fulfills all aspects of an energy source. It is scalable and can be implemented almost everywhere in the world, it can provide heat and power, it is highly predictable and provides baseload energy independent from weather or seasons. On top of that; it is renewable and 100% GHG-free.

How do you seal the drilled formation?

Matt Toews

The vertical part of a loop is protected from the surrounding formation and groundwaters with installed metal casing and concrete in the annulus, like in every conventional geothermal well. For the laterals we use our own patented Rock-Pipe fluid, sealing the well from the formation with an environmentally neutral chemical process.

Will pulling heat from underground result in cooling of the subsurface?

Jeanine Vany

The collection of the heat from the surface is highly predictable with subsurface data and thermodynamic modelling. With the control of the flow rate in the Loops, we can control the heat offtake from the subsurface. So operating the loops within our design parameters gives the Loops a lifetime of 100 years. We did prove this in our Eavor-Lite demonstration project that is running since 2019, where the output matches the original thermodynamic model.

How is the heat produced without any pump?

Christopher Cheng

Water is heated in the earth, collecting the heat during the flow of the horizontal loops. The hot fluid has a lower density and rises up to the surface. At the same time, colder and heavier water flows into the loop on the cold end. This creates a natural flow cycle.

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