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Eavor-Loop™ can go anywhere and everywhere.
The smallest Eavor-Loops™, sized at 1-2MWe, will provide heat, cooling, power or a combination to 1,000’s of homes.
Multiple systems can be constructed at one surface location or in just a few sites in a small region to scale the project size as high as 500MWe.
Eavor-Loop™ is the world's first truly scalable, baseload, load-following, distributable, reliable and resilient energy source with a low surface footprint and is completely renewable and emissions free in operation.
The system is complimentary to intermittent renewable power networks and can help provide true energy independence to both established grid connected regions and isolated locations alike.
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Licensing & Technology Sales

Licensing & Technology Sales

• Royalty on realized project revenue

• License fee at commissioning based on capacity

• Optional Services provide wo/ margin

• Design & Planning

• Implementation & Construction

• Operations & Maintenance


Assessment, Development & Engagement​

Assessment, Development & Engagement​

• Location, regional front-end assessment

• Project development

• Feasibility Studies

• Policy, regulatory and government engagement

• Project specific or regional

• Front-end Engineering & Design (FEED)


Equipment, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Equipment, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

• Assessment, development & design

• Contracting, Feasibility & FEED

• Construction w/ hand-off at commissioning

• Turnkey terms available


Partnerships & Project Finance​

Partnerships & Project Finance​

• Eavor’s customers are the owner-operators of Eavor-Loops™

• Option for direct equity partnership in first-of-kind and first-in-region projects

• Project investment / financing
• Co-Development
• Energy Customer Contracting (PPA / HPA)
• Connection to EavorGreen Fund

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