Global News video featurette on Eavor and how abandoned oil wells started the future of geothermal energy

Eavor CEO John Redfern was recently interviewed by Global News about the origins of Eavor’s global endeavours.

According to Redfern, orphaned oil wells were the catalyst to a new venture in green technology.

“They’re wells. They’re going down into the subsurface, why don’t we just turn them into geothermal wells? Why don’t we turn them into geothermal energy?” said Redfern in the interview with Global.

These abandoned wells are what inspired Eavor to develop the state-of-the-art geothermal technology, the Eavor-Loop™. Eavor’s vision allows Alberta to harness skill sets from a labour market already deeply rooted in the province’s oil and gas history.

This ambition has allowed Eavor to scale globally, starting with the first commercial Eavor-Loop™ in Geretstried, Germany.

“It’s validation from the EU that what we’re doing makes sense, despite what a lot of people thought was a pretty radical idea,” said Redfern.

The distance from Earth’s crust to the planet’s core is about 2900 kilometres. That’s roughly the distance from Calgary to Dallas, TX.

Global reporter Sarah Offin explained that of the 670km between Earth’s crust and upper mantle, Eavor drills only 3-5 kilometres below the surface to access the heat it needs to “create a lot of excitement for our energy future.”

To read the full article and watch the video, click the link here.

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