Rapid Decarbonizing Risk to Canada’s Energy Security

In the race to 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy, is Canada’s Energy Security at risk? The recent conflict between Ukraine and Russia has brought energy security to the forefront. Canada’s energy sector has had a tumultuous few years, seeing oil and gas prices plummet, resulting in an emergency meeting to stabilize oil prices, lack of appropriate investment into local energy tech, and political tension around cross border pipelines.

US Senators Call for Increased Funding to Support Geothermal Energy

A recent press release issued in Washington, DC, included an announcement by US senators Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez Masto wherein they sent a letter to the Chair and Ranking Member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development asking them to support the President’s request to include more than $200 million in the Fiscal Year 2023 budget for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Geothermal Technologies Office to support a reliable, clean energy source for the United States.

SVG x Eavor – Advanced Geothermal Reversing Setbacks in the Caribbean

Eavor was recently featured in St Vincent Times regarding a new approach to a geothermal project that was previously shelved due to a lack of economic feasibility and low permeability of the resource.

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